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SEC Award Winners

0-£3,000 (13 winners)

Project name: Kyokushin Karate for All Project
Award: £2,235
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide karate training sessions to children from low income black and ethnic minority communities for a period of six months. They will make use of qualified voluntary instructors and will loan equipment and clothing to individuals taking part in training sessions.

Project name: Youth Mehndi Club
Award – £1,615
This project, based in Glasgow, will use the grant to set up a youth mehndi club for young people, including two Eid events.

Project name: Food Bank Project
Award: £2,625
This project from the Wing Hong Chinese Elderly Group will establish and run a food bank from their centre in Glasgow for one year.

Project name: South Side Fitness Club
Award: £760
This project will set up a South Side Fitness Club for young black and ethnic minority people based in the south side of Glasgow.

Project name: SHIMCA – Seed to Wok Project
Award: £2,690
This project, from the Scottish Highlands & Islands and Moray Chinese Association, based in Inverness, will use the funding to promote healthy and responsible eating habits with disadvantaged, isolated or senior members of the Chinese community.

Project name: Cycling for Ethnics in Perth
Award: £1,890
This project, based in Perth, will set up a cycling club for people from Polish and Lithuanian communities to meet with members of other minority ethnic groups in Perth.

Project name: Social Enterprise for Young Girls and Women
Award: £2,802
This project based in Glasgow, will organise four community events to inspire minority ethnic women to be more enterprising and to showcase their talents. It will also provide dance classes.

Project: Child Day – 1st June
Award: £2,369
This project, from the Polish School in Glasgow, will take their pupils on an educational excursion to Edinburgh Zoo.

Project: Ethnic Minority Mens Health Club
Award: £2,400
This project, from the Ethnic Minority Men’s Health Project based in Glasgow, will establish an Ethic Minority Men’s Health Club for black and ethnic minority men aged 65 and over.

Project name: The Big Lunch
Award: £840
This project, based in Inverness, will use the funding to hold a Big Lunch event to bring people in the community together with diverse entertainment and multi-cultural food.

Project name: NSYPP – Nepal Scotland Young People’s Project
Award: £2,678
This project, based in Edinburgh, will organise a community football match for Nepalese and black and ethnic minority young people. The event will bring the youth community together and provide an opportunity for young people to network with other members of the community.

Project name: Glasgow Youth Club Project
Award: £1,838
This project will set up youth clubs for young people in Glasgow. The youth clubs will target 12 to 16 year olds and will be delivered within a four week Summer Programme for 10 to 12 children.

Project name: Outreach Activities for Ivorian Women and Children
Award: £2,000
This project, based in Renfrewshire, will organise a range of trips and activities for Ivorian women and their children.



3k to 4k (3 winners)


Project Name: Minority Ethnic Families Care Project
Award: £ 3,750
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide vital support to elderly minority ethnic community members and minority ethnic parents. The project will establish a care and support service which will provide a reliable weekly shopping stop service to purchase their essentials and take them home. It will also provide a referral service for people who require additional support on issues such as debt advice, managing budgets, housing and welfare and any other relevant issue.

Project Name: Football Coaching for Deprived African Young People –
Award – £ 3,100
This project, based in Renfrewshire, is aimed at deprived African young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who have little opportunity in terms of career development. This leadership, football and sport programme will help build their confidence and keep them fit and healthy, which will help them to take a far more proactive role within their local communities.

Project Name: Education project for isolated women
Award: £ 3,686
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide education opportunities for isolated Asian women who find it difficult to engage themselves in any activity. The project will provide a Sewing Course and basic computer course in response to interest expressed by women in the community and help them to keep them up to date. It will also promote communication between younger and older generations.


4k to 5k winners (4 winners)


Project Name:  Inspire, Motivate and Educate
Award: £ 4,095
This project, based in Glasgow, will bring together young talented people from Scotland, Europe and other continents, to host an event on multi-topical and multi-disciplinary talks. It will help to share success stories from minority communities all over the world, in order to encourage ethnic minority youngsters to explore their talents and follow their dreams. The event will be held in Glasgow, for over 100 attendees.

Project Name: Cooking Classes for Men
Award: £ 4,200
This project, based in Cumbernauld, will start weekly cooking classes for men to encourage them to cook. It will take place in a local community venue where a group of 10 men will have the opportunity to learn how to cook in 40 weeks.

Project Name:  Inspired by Weightlifting
Award: £ 4,809
This project will offer young people from a minority ethnic background in the Govan area of Glasgow an opportunity to be involved in physical activity through Olympic Weightlifting. It will offer classes on a weekly basis to ten young people each week and will also raise the profile of the sport.

Project Name: Glasgow Somali Youth Project
Award: £ 4,833
This project, based in Glasgow, aims to reduce isolation and increase integration within the local community. It will deliver a Summer Programme for young people aged 12 to 22 running activities such as basketball, football, horse-riding and swimming. This project will also run weekly activities for children and young people and also run regular awareness-raising cultural events and workshops for community members and young people.


5k-to 6k winners (4 winners)


Project name: ME Deaf Community Interpreter Project
Award: £ 5,198
This project, based in Glasgow, aims to support Scotland’s Asian Deaf Community.  Currently there are no Asian British Sign Language Interpreters in Scotland.  The funding will be used to gain the BSL Level 6 Interpreter Course. An interpreter from an Asian background will have the cultural knowledge and skills to effectively advocate on behalf of Asian deaf people.

Project Name: “The Marinated Muslim”
Award:  £ 5,250
The Marinated Muslim is a one person performance.  One actor will play numerous characters (male, female, Muslim and non-Muslim).  The play will provide a satirical observation of the everyday racism faced by Muslims in Scotland.  The project which will tour Scotland wide will support social cohesion, break down barriers and promote tolerance and harmony between communities.

Project Name: Afghan Women’s Club
Award: £ 5,534
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide a range of activities and support for Afghan women who find themselves isolated and unable to access services. It will deliver English Language classes, a befriending service, fortnightly group meetings and a citizenship educational programme to support learning of Scottish society including visits to key Scottish historic and cultural sites.

Project Name: Highland Multi Cultural Community Project
Award: £ 5,650
This project will promote social cohesion through four key programmes. The project will deliver a Diwali Festival, Curry Ceilidh, Youth Cricket Tournament and Indian Classical Dance Classes within the Highlands. These programmes will offer minority ethnic community members of all age’s access to socio-cultural activities and learning within a safe environment.


6k to 7k winners (4 winners)


Project Name: Helping Out
Award: £ 6,000
This project, based in Glasgow, will support children from minority ethnic backgrounds with physical and mental disabilities by creating a programme aimed at the personal development of these children and an end goal of helping them to integrate with other children. The programme will consist of taster sports such as football, badminton, swimming for disable children and young people.

Project Name: Building Talent for ME Community
Award: £ 6,208
This project, based in Edinburgh, will set up a social enterprise based in Edinburgh that will help young people to develop and showcase their creative ability in media and video production. It will inspire young people to pursue something they enjoy. It will use the skills and experience of individuals who work in the creative industry and give an opportunity to young people to work alongside them on a professional level.

Project Name: Milan ME Women Inclusion Project
Award: £ 6,534
The project, based in West Lothian, will start recreational and learning activities for Minority Ethnic Women. The project aims to provide women with a forum in which they will meet new people and engage in new activities. It will empower women to access community services and help ME women to play a more active role in their communities. Activities will include female swimming classes, exercise classes, swing classes and outdoor activities.

Project Name: Social and Lunch Club for Eldery ME Community
Award: £ 6,689
This project, based in Fife,  will start up a lunch and social club for older people who are imprisoned in their houses due to old age to improve their wellbing and social networks. This will include entertainment and lunch and a weekly meeting for sharing their ideas. It will also issue a newspaper in the Urdu language in order to make them aware of their surroundings.


7k to 8k winners (4 winners)


Project Name: ME Female Fitness Classes
Award: £ 7,663
This project will provide female only swim sessions for minority ethnic women within a range of leisure centres in Edinburgh. Aqua fitness and beginners swimming classes will also be provided. The sessions will be offered 5 days a week with sessions lasting up to three hours.

Project Name: The Aunty G Show
Award: £ 7,760
This project will set up a social enterprise that will produce and distribute educational videos to children within community groups and schools across Scotland. It will use The Aunty G character to educate children in an interactive and humorous way. Aunty G is a puppet character who has been through a number of difficult problems in her life. Each episode of the show will deal with a serious issue that affects children and young people today.

Project Name: Ramadan 2014 Community Project
Award: £ 7,250
This project will coordinate with 15 mosques in Glasgow to open their doors to people of other or no faiths and invite members from their local community to ‘Break Fast’ with Muslims who have been fasting during Ramandan 2014. This will give people a greater sense of community, whilst at the same time, learning about each other’s religions, cultures and food. Every second day of Ramadan, another Mosque will host 40 local community members, prepare food and organise talks.

Project Name: Kamyabi – Success in Education
Award: £ 7,823
This project aims to increase the educational achievements of ethnic minorities in south Glasgow. This project will develop skills and confidence within disadvantaged ethnic minority families by organising interactive Information Communications Technology lessons in both English and Punjabi. It will build basic understanding on how to use email, Internet and social media platforms.


8k to 9k (4 winners)


Project Name: Youth Sports Club
Award: £ 8,297
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide sports activities to encourage young people off the street and get them into a safe space twice a week. It will teach them discipline and respect with the intention that the wider community benefits from the programme. The project will target young people from a range of minority and non-minority communities and therefore will also assist to integrate communities.

Project Name: Peer Support for Visually Impaired ME Women
Award: £ 8,390
The project will set up a minority ethnic (ME) visually impaired women’s Peer Support Group. The project will be based in Edinburgh and Lothian’s and will provide support to ME women with long standing and newly diagnosed sight conditions, as well as carers. It will organise training workshops for personal development, sessions for women and carers to share their experiences, recreational excursions and an annual gathering for women and carers.

Project Name: Sewing Classes and Library Facility for ME Women
Award: £ 8,645
The project, based in Cumbernauld, will organise sewing classes for women and help them to improve their employment opportunities. Classes will be attended by twelve women twice a week. At the end of the course all women will be awarded a certificate. This project will help women to develop their creative skills, as well as reading books and access to the internet.

Project Name: African and Caribbean Talent Showcase
Award: £ 8,257
This project, based in Glasgow, will promote African and Caribbean talent. It will support young performers by using city centre premises to provide an outlet for them to showcase their work. It will set up a monthly African and Caribbean Talent Showcase Night to allow performers to perform new routines and materials.


9k to 10k (4 winners)


Project Name: IQRA Community Education Project
Award: £ 9,205
This project, based in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, will establish a Community Education Project that will increase the information and resources available to the local community. This will promote issues that affect the health and wellbeing of older and young people including drugs and substance abuse. It will also run an English Language programme for isolated women and develop a small library and computer facility offering basic computer courses.

Project Name: Food for Hundred a Day
Award: £ 9,500
This project, based in Glasgow, will tackle poverty and isolation. It will offer a broad range of activities including regular meetings and social activities, health promotional programme, free healthy food for underprivileged groups, work placements for skilled unemployed people, vocational training, opportunity to play football and social interaction with people from same culture to meet and form relationships.

Project Name: Tiffin Project
Award: £ 9,837
This social enterprise will provide volunteering opportunities for minority ethnic individuals to gain skills and employment. It will do this by providing hot, affordable and high quality food to homes and businesses in Crookston and wider Glasgow. The project will deliver meals to people’s homes or work places, encouraging community interaction and interpersonal skills.

Project name: Community Development Project
Award: £9,600
This project will be based in Woodfarm Education Centre in Giffnock. It will develop monthly family and community forums where local people will join together to discuss and debate local and national issues. Topics will range from forced marriages to minority ethnic representation in public life.


10k (9 winners)


Project name: Lanarkshire Muslim Welfare Society
Award: £10,000
This project, based in Bellshill, will run a weekly lunch club for the over 50s. Participants will take part in a range of activities from physical activities to literacy classes.

Project name: Eritrean Community Residing in Scotland
Award: £9,950
This project, based Glasgow, will develop an existing community group so that they can better support the Eritrean people who have recently moved to Scotland, the majority of whom are refugees.

Project name: Scottish Afghan Society
Award: £10,000
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide coaching in fitness and basketball for women and girls and coaching for boys from minority ethnic communities.

Project name: Iraqi’s in Scotland
Award: £10,000
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide a weekly drop in service and school summer holiday children’s clubs for families experiencing all aspects of domestic abuse within minority ethnic communities.

Project name: Nik’s Creative Station
Award:  £10,000
This project, based in Glasgow, will set up an accessible arts and crafts studio providing a range of workshops for the wider community.

Project name: Gurdwara Guru Granth Sahib Sikh Sabha
Award: £10,000
This project, based in Glasgow will allow the group to buy a new van for their senior citizens club.

Project name: Glasgow Asian Deaf Media Project
Award: £10,000
This project, based in Glasgow, will run a multi media project to research and record on film the experiences and views of the black and ethnic minority community in Glasgow.

Project name: Youth Development Project
Award: £10,000
This project, based in Renfrewshire, will provide a skills and career development programme and range of social activities for their youth panel to help them become active members of their communities.

Project name: Nneoma (An African Women Enterprise Foundation)
Award: £9,950
This project, based in Glasgow, will provide training and support for African women that aspire to start their own business. It will also run an “African Baking and Story Telling” workshop to encourage mothers and daughters to share their experiences.


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