Training and Development

Issues addressed include:

Abuse Culture and Child Protection (ACCP)

1 ) Similarities between the indigenous and the minority ethnic communities

Physical Injury & Physical Neglect
Sexual & Emotional Abuse
Denial & Secrecy
Inadequate State Response
Fear of Repercussion
Social Reasons

2 ) Differences between indigenous and the minority ethnic communities

Social Reasons
Denial & Secrecy
Lack of Knowledge (re: support services, law, rights etc)
Specific Forms of Perceived Ethnic Abuse

3 ) Rumours & Myths relating to Cultural differences in Child Abuse

Culture & Religion are the causes of Child Abuse within BME Communities
BME communities have internal support mechanisms, therefore no external assistance is ever required
Parents are only trying to protect their children from racism and outside influence

4 ) roshni Research “The Perceptions of Child Abuse within Scotland’s BME Communities

Indicators of a level of acceptance in under-reported case of abuse
When asked for understanding of types of abuse, only 7% mentioned sexual abuse

5 ) Discussing obstacles to reporting of abuse